Bass Cabaret: Bonnie & Clyde’s Wild Romance

Party Girl Pearl presents the eighth edition of her flagship production, Bass Cabaret: Bonnie & Clyde’s Wild Romance,” a 1930s-themed tale of desperate love with performance artists portraying the infamous Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow as well as vintage cops, robbers and other outlaws. This edition featured headliners Laura Low (LowRIDERz) and Jillian Ann (RITUAL), an over-the-top set design including a bank safe, mug shot photo booth, and jail cell. Performing artists included pole acrobats, contortionist, aerial silk and lyra performers, burlesque artists, duo stilt walkers, a bellydancer, and many other themed characters. VIP guests were treated to a private bar and received “money bags” filled with In Pearls we Trust money and other goodies. Guests also enjoyed a second room of music featuring top local vendors, face painting, popcorn from our iconic vintage popcorn machine, and more.

Pearl is feeling just pearly about the evening to come.

The historic 1015 Folsom in San Francisco is ready for a big night.

Eva Rose takes the stage during the cabaret.

Projections designed by Party Girl Pearl feature each performer and DJ’s name during their set.

VIP is oh so sultry tonight.

Our go-go cop takes position on top of the Bank of Bass vault.

Kitten & Card perform a classic swing dance routine.

Pearl catches a thief red-handed. He was trying to steal the raffle prize.

These two are wanted for dirty dancing. Don’t let our go-go cops catch them!

Go-go cops making some arrests.

Time for your mug shot.

Some jailbirds hanging out in the photo booth.

After your mug shot it’s straight to jail with you!

Find your way out and you’ll find yourself in our souvenir shop.

Goodies like these come in our VIP bags and throughout the party.

A vintage flask is the raffle prize for one lucky attendee.

The chief of police was responsible for the release of one couple for good behavior, and the payout of $100.

Need to make bail? Try some of this funny money.