Queen of Hearts

Party Girl Pearl posing in her Elizabethan Era gown as the Queen of Hearts

This high-energy performance piece features the Queen of Hearts and her encounter with little Alice — which does not end well for Alice, to say the least. The Queen of Hearts, also dubbed the “Queen of Heart Ons” by a clever friend (now with her own Instagram account), is a sadistic yet fascinating character sure to provoke.

The burlesque act is set to A-trak’s electro remix of the classic “Heads will Roll” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It’s sure to have the audience’s heads rolling with laughter and surprise, and is suitable for a Wonderland-themed party, a heroes vs. villain themed event, or any venue requiring an engaging and comedic act that will work with an electronic-music-loving audience.

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Party Girl Pearl performs onstage as the Queen of Hearts, beheading an Alice in Wonderland doll
Off with her head!
Three beautiful girls surrounding the Queen of Hearts in a mirrored VIP room