Starbucks Siren

If you weren’t previously familiar with the origins of the Starbucks logo you might not recognize the basis of this nautical character and accompanying burlesque act, but fortunately you can still find it titillating while you read up on your history.

The siren is a female creature of the sea who is both evil and alluring at the same time — she is a split-tail mermaid who eats men for breakfast! I like to ask people, “What’s the difference between a mermaid and a siren?”

Party Girl Pearl as a Happy, Helpless Mermaid

The answer is that sirens have vaginas. Vaginas with teeth!

Therefore, sirens > mermaids, just sayin.

This Starbucks-inspired burlesque act, originally created for the “Hipster” edition of a Hubba Hubba Revue show at Above DNA Lounge in SF, can be done either with my darling partner Lucia S. Diamonds or solo. It brings some lightness to an otherwise dark and deadly character.

Hipster Hubba Hubba Revue Flyer