The White Queen

With many iterations to choose from, this Alice in Wonderland-inspired rococo queen is an impressive addition to white parties, Wonderland / Through the Looking glass themed parties, historical 1700-1800 French or Marie Antoinette themed events and can be scantily clad or in fully regal regalia.

The Italian word “barocco” means an irregularly shaped pearl, and is possibly the source of the word “baroque.” The French “rocaille” means a popular form of garden or interior ornamentation using shells and pebbles.

Shoe bedazzling/be-pearling project.

Bob Sinclar (French DJ) #NoTellMotel tour at Love & Propaganda, SF booked by Rae Agency.

Pray to the booty and your prayers will be answered.

“Googlers in Wonderland” Google holiday party.

All hail the Queen of Pearls.